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FedEx versus UPS versus USPS: Shipping Rate and Reliability Comparison for 2022

Transporting organizations and transporters convey items to shippers and clients the same. When looking at FedEx versus UPS versus USPS, you ought to think about cost, speed, and administration. Every transporter is solid, offers reasonable choices in the event that your bundle doesn't have to show up rapidly, and permits you to pay something else for speed. Most little bundles transport for under $20 with every transporter.

FedEx versus UPS versus USPS Quick Comparison

Refreshes on FedEx, UPS, and USPS Pricing and Surcharges

Pricing Changes for 2022

FedEx: FedEx kept on carrying out rate changes through 2021 and declared occasional overcharges that are compelling through Jan. 16, 2022. Different extra charges for extra dealing become real all through January 2022. Like UPS, it changes fuel overcharges week after week.

UPS: UPS has had select extra charges set up starting around 2020 because of expanded transportation volumes. Top extra charges incorporate steep expenses for oversize bundles, items requiring extra dealing with, and for qualifying organizations transporting every available ounce of effort or a greater amount of their February 2020 volumes. However, occasion overcharges diminished on Dec 26, 2021, fuel overcharges actually stay set up and are refreshed week after week.

USPS: USPS executed occasion flood valuing without precedent for 2020. It likewise expanded costs for homegrown mailing and transportation and global delivery toward the start of 2021. USPS top occasion rate changes lapsed Dec. 27, 2021, and there are as of now no pinnacle overcharges set up. Notwithstanding, standard valuing expanded on Jan. 9, 2022.

Evaluating changes for 2022

(For arranging just; rates might change)

FedEx: FedEx's 2022 rates are successful on Jan. 3, 2022. There are changes to its cargo overcharges and charges also. View them here. It is likewise changing the Delivery Area Surcharge ZIP code records for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. (12/3/2021) Like UPS, it changes fuel overcharges week after week.

UPS: UPS has distributed its 2022 rates (successful Dec 26, 2021). It's relied upon to keep on changing its fuel overcharge week by week.

USPS: The US Postal Service has reported its new rates just as two new items for 2022. Costs are expanding a normal of 3.1%. Its Plus One mailing publicizing the program and its USPS Connect Local program (which gives same-day conveyance in neighborhoods) are actually dependent upon endorsement by the Postal Regulatory Commission. (11/10/2021)

When to Use FedEx

FedEx is a decent decision for bigger organizations that can arrange volume limits or need worldwide transportation and has cutthroat value for little and lightweight bundles. It ships liquor if you are FedEx-supported and use FedEx Shipping Manager for your marks. It'll likewise transport bundles seven days out of each week, so use FedEx assuming that you want a bundle to show up Sunday. It even made our rundown for best request satisfaction administrations for joined cargo and satisfaction administrations.

Generally, FedEx is best for

  • Organizations that need to be facilitated transporting choices are particularly ideal when delivering perishables
  • Organizations that transport huge packages like furnishings or apparatuses
  • Shippers that sell and boat cocktails

When to Use UPS

UPS gives one of the quickest transportation choices through its UPS Next Day administrations, which puts your bundle on the following accessible flight and regularly shows up that very day. Assuming you're sending a bundle globally, clients see that bundles show up a whole lot earlier than guaranteed. UPS additionally has reasonable and, as a rule, fast and dependable ground transporting. In addition, it can deliver liquor, if you are an administration-supported business merchant. You'll have to sign an agreement with UPS too.

By and large, UPS is best for

  • Organizations that need serious valuing on bigger bundles
  • Offering to a worldwide client base and quick transportation for global orders

When to Use USPS

USPS is quite possibly the most seriously evaluated transporting transporter, especially for bundles under 2 pounds. It offers free pickup, free Priority and Express Mail bundling, and scope of conveyance choices, making USPS one of the most incredible delivery choices for most private companies. By and large, USPS Priority Mail delivering is less expensive and quicker than different choices in our expense correlation. Note that you can't transport liquor locally or globally utilizing USPS.

USPS is best for

  • Delivering homegrown orders inside the US
  • Organizations that need economical estimating
  • Shippers that sell little things

FedEx versus UPS versus USPS: Pricing and Features

Every transporter has various choices for transportation speed, client assistance, and administration choices. Cost and delivery speed are the greatest separating factors as every transporter is moderately equivalent in different regions.

USPS midpoints the best generally speaking rates for transportation everything from level mailers to bundles as much as 70 pounds. Notwithstanding, delivering rates rely upon many variables, including size, distance voyaged, and administration speed. The kind of conveyance area home or business-likewise factors in since both UPS and FedEx charge something else for home conveyances. Each of the three choices can be feasible decisions for eCommerce shipping, contingent upon your conditions.

To provide you with a superior thought of estimating among UPS versus FedEx versus USPS, we looked at similar transportation sizes and loads against every transporter. The accompanying statements are retail rates for online postage buys. Costs can change assuming you buy postage face to face, and rates will be higher during the pinnacle Christmas season. Limited rates are accessible from numerous satisfaction organizations and delivery arrangements like

FedEx versus UPS versus USPS Cost and Speed Comparison

Navigate the tabs beneath for an expense and speed examination on the ground, express, and short-term rates.

FedEx Pricing and Features

Certain FedEx Ground courses are less expensive than USPS and will get the bundle to your objective as long as two days quicker. This is particularly valid for bigger, heavier shipments.

Would it be advisable for you to want a bundle to show up at the earliest opportunity, you can get it to your objective as soon as 10 a.m. the next day with FedEx First Overnight. You'll observe many dropbox areas and retail accomplices on the off chance that you don't have a corporate area close to you.

Administration Options

FedEx offers a wide range of administration choices for both homegrown and worldwide shipments. A portion of these choices incorporates FedEx First Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx Standard Overnight (which shows up the following workday), and FedEx 2 Day, (which shows up in two workdays or three days during top seasons). FedEx Economy takes two to seven workdays and is best for low volume, non-critical conveyances. FedEx International boats to 215 nations and domains and takes two to five workdays (a few to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.) You can likewise pick choices for conveyance affirmation and mark necessities.

Pickup and Drop-off Locations

FedEx pickup expenses start at $4 and change in light of the administration area. You can likewise set up a repetitive week-by-week pickup with FedEx for $15 each week. You can drop off your bundles at any FedEx or collaborating retail store free of charge. These retail stores incorporate OfficeMax, Office Depot, and famous supermarkets. You can decide to utilize Collect on Delivery (COD) administrations for FedEx Ground shipments for an expense Electronic Collection on Delivery (ECOD) is accessible just in the US.

Free Tracking

FedEx clients can follow up to 30 request numbers all at once. Private companies might need to pursue the free FedEx Delivery Manager administration, which incorporates additional following abilities, pickup the executives, and conveyance warnings. With this help, you can likewise put impermanent hangs on bundles, divert conveyances, and permit clients to utilize their telephone or PC to finish the paperwork for qualified bundles.

Clients can likewise move up to premium administrations on their end. This awards them admittance to plan conveyance times and change conveyances to another private area or different day. Premium administrations start at $5.55, which varies relying upon the area.


FedEx offers clients a FedEx Office Packing Pledge, which puts a $100 per bundle responsibility for any things sent through FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, or FedEx Home Delivery except if a higher worth is announced. For delicate or costly things or those with an obscure worth, the breaking point is $1,000. FedEx requirements to pack and transport the thing for the vow to apply. The Packing Pledge just applies to bundles stuffed by FedEx office representatives.

Business Discounts

FedEx offers investment funds and award programs to independent companies that open a free record.

All account holders get

  • Up to 30% off for FedEx Express, US homegrown, global, and bring delivery back
  • 15% off FedEx Ground transportation and FedEx Home Delivery administrations, including returns
  • Select business records can save 70% off FedEx Freight
  • Free FedEx Express bundling supplies, including boxes, packs, cylinders, and envelopes
  • Online record the board devices, including online charging, revealing, and address book access
  • In-store FedEx Office printing administrations and office supplies reserve funds
  • Amazing chance to try out My FedEx rewards program

Name Printing Options

You can print a name on an ordinary or warm printer. All FedEx Office areas will likewise print names.

Client assistance

You can contact FedEx by means of email, telephone, or one of their areas. Telephone support hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Focal time, Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays (inaccessible on Sundays). Clients can likewise message with a FedEx agent or access a habitually posed inquiries (FAQs) segment and instructional exercises from the site.

UPS Pricing and Features

UPS evaluating is cutthroat for heavier bundles and any time you really want to deliver globally. Would it be advisable for you to want a bundle, for the time being, UPS Next Day Air is an appropriate choice, but expensive. You'll pay a little expense on the off chance that you decide for UPS to get your bundle, however, the comfort can be worth the effort assuming you've as of now got your delivery name and box stuffed. UPS additionally offers appealing business limits contrasted with USPS.

Administration Options

UPS has various transportation choices, including

  • UPS Next Day Air: Arrives the next day
  • UPS Second-Day Air: Arrives on a subsequent day
  • UPS 3 Day Select: Arrives in three workdays
  • Ground transporting: Typically takes one to five workdays

Assuming that you really want a bundle conveyed at the earliest opportunity, you can pick same-day conveyance with UPS Express Critical and gather installment at the hour of conveyance with the UPS COD help. There are additional choices for conveyance affirmation and mark prerequisites.

Pickup and Drop-off Options

UPS offers on-request pickup for ground, air, and global shipments. Costs start at $5.80 per pickup. You can plan bundle and cargo shipments for future dates, add extraordinary directions to the driver, and add SMS or email affirmation messages. Clients can likewise drop off bundles at any UPS Access Point, UPS Store, UPS Drop Boxes, and autonomous approved transportation outlets.

Free Tracking

UPS offers free following through their site for up to 25 following numbers all at once. Entrepreneurs can pursue the free UPS My Choice for Business program. With this, you can screen inbound and outbound bundles, oversee returns, and track claims from the online dashboard. You can likewise make a marked following page for your clients to follow their orders.

UPS likewise gives extra answers for bigger elements. The Quantum View and Flex Global View permit more top to bottom administration and visibility of your store network, providers, and stock.


UPS gives free risk to lost or harmed homegrown bundles, global shipments, and UPS Worldwide Express Freight bed delivering up to $100. You can proclaim up to $50,000 per bundle or $100,000 per bed assuming the worth of your products surpasses this sum.

Certain homegrown shipments might be qualified for a greatest pronounced worth of $70,000 when vital. Notwithstanding, it's essential to take note that when you pronounce a worth more than $100, the shipment doesn't get any type of protection. UPS offers extra protection inclusion choices that you'll have to choose.

Business Discounts

UPS offers limited transportation rates, offers, and arrangements for independent ventures that open or connect a current UPS My Choice or UPS My Choice for Business account.

All account holders get:

  • 20%-half limits on delivery rates on UPS Ground, UPS Air Services, and UPS International Express Services
  • half rebate on pickups
  • Different offers and investment funds from UPS Stores, remembering limits for online print items, pressing administrations, letter drop benefits, and destroying administrations

Mark Printing Options

​​Subsequent to making a shipment, you can either print transportation or return marks yourself or at a UPS Store. UPS additionally offers simple task-by-step directions through its site to introduce your own warm printer for marks.

Client service

You can reach out to UPS through email or telephone or by visiting one of their retail stores. Client assistance is accessible from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Eastern time, Sunday through Saturday; global transportation is accessible day in and day out. You can likewise jump on to the UPS site to live talk with a menial helper or peruse the often posed inquiries (FAQs) area and instructional exercises.

Favored Customer account holders get a committed help group and need steering while reaching specialized help.

USPS Pricing and Features

USPS is perhaps the most ideal choice for sending bundles under 2 pounds. It's likewise an incredible choice for transportation anything weighty and little like the books-on account of level rate delivering rates. USPS is essential for the presidential part of the US central government, so the hours are more restricted than FedEx and UPS. Notwithstanding, you can find a workaround by utilizing one of USPS's many retail accomplices frequently supermarkets and other mailing stores, including 800 UPS stores. Generally speaking, USPS's low costs and solid conveyance make it the best delivery choice for some private companies.

Administration Options

USPS offers a wide range of administration choices for homegrown and global shipments. These include:

  • Need Mail Express: Arrives the following day or inside two days to most US locations and P.O. Boxes with an unconditional promise
  • Need Mail: Arrives in one to three workdays
  • Top of the line Mail: Delivers little bundles in one to three workdays
  • Retail Ground: Suitable for larger than average conveyances and comes in two to eight workdays
  • Media Mail: Delivers media and instructive materials at a decreased rate in two to eight workdays

You likewise have worldwide delivery choices, such as Global Express Guaranteed, which shows up in one to three workdays, and Priority Mail Express International, which conveys to 180 nations in three to five workdays. Be that as it may, administration to a few nations have been disturbed because of COVID-19.

All transportation administrations incorporate choices for signature necessities, Certified Mail return receipt, or gather on conveyance.

Pickup and Drop-off Options

USPS offers a few choices for bundle pickups. You can plan a free pickup from your normal mail conveyance area through the USPS site for Priority and Express Mail, returns, and global mail. You can orchestrate following-day administrations as long as 90 days ahead of time for however many bundles you like.

Assuming that your shipment should be gotten on a particular day inside a specific time period, you can involve the Pickup on Demand administration for $25 per shipment. There are a few limitations on what can be gotten.

Clients may likewise drop off bundles at any USPS assortment area. A few areas have assigned drop-off regions for prepaid homegrown bundles and self-administration terminals to keep away from lines.

Free Tracking

USPS offers free following by means of their site for up to 35 following numbers all at once. You can pursue free business delivering administrations to follow more requests with a more prominent history.


​​USPS protection is reliant upon the sort of conveyance administration. For standard delivery, the protection inclusion just covers the worth of the bundle substance, however, you can buy up to $5,000 of extra protection. The beneficiary should show ID for any mail guaranteed for more than $500. Need Mail might incorporate protection up to $50, and Priority Mail Express might remember up to $100 of protection for the help cost.

Business Discounts

USPS offers a few independent venture answers to assist with lessening transporting costs. Select delivery administrations get volume limits as long as you transport a base number of bundles per mailing. You can ascertain business postage costs on the USPS site.

  • USPS Business Customers likewise get:
  • Free USPS Tracking on select items
  • Free transportation supplies conveyed to your location for all Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and Priority Mail Express International shipments
  • Free Package Pickup on select items
  • Free ordinary Saturday conveyance (with the exception of occasions)
  • No extra charges for private conveyance
  • Business P.O. Boxes and sending administrations (charges apply)

Name Printing Options

You can print names at a USPS area or utilize the Click-N-Ship element to print delivering names yourself. To get to Click-N-Ship, you'll have to pursue a free USPS account.

The Label Broker ID program permits clients to print their own paid ahead of time and return transporting names by means of the USPS site or at most mailing station areas. The element, which is a piece of the Click-N-Ship application, gives clients a remarkable ID number or a QR code that is examined at USPS areas when transporting a thing. It additionally allows you to print your own logo (with the USPS Picture Permit Indicia). In the event that you have a USPS devotion program, printing your own marks procures your focus.

Client care

USPS client care is reachable through telephone, email, or face to face in any of its areas. Nearby USPS hours differ yet are by and large 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. neighborhood time-a a few branches close for lunch. The public client assistance line is accessible 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday; 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays; and inaccessible on Sundays. There's no visit highlight on the USPS site, yet you can check the FAQs area to track down replies to normal inquiries.

Calculate shipping speed and cost with the USPS shipping calculator.

FedEx versus UPS versus USPS: Ease of Use

Every one of the transportation transporters has numerous places where you can drop bundles off. In any case, these typically will expect you to have effectively paid for postage and pressed your container. There are retail cooperates with expanded hours for USPS, while both FedEx and UPS will more often than not be open later.

Each delivery number cruncher functioned admirably, aside from we definitely disapproved of FedEx-assuming you're transported to a private location, it utilizes the FedEx Home choice as opposed to Grounding. Utilizing a layered number cruncher before your boat can assist with approximating cost.


When computing delivering rates, we experienced issues observing FedEx Ground choices utilizing the organization's number cruncher on the web. You might have to attempt numerous programs to get the rates to appear. Notwithstanding, the remainder of the rates were extremely simple to ascertain.

The FedEx Home Delivery choice might appear assuming you're transported to a private area rather than FedEx Ground. This help is quicker and offers end-of-the-week conveyances to more neighborhoods.

While there are numerous FedEx areas, a few more modest networks may just have one. FedEx hours are typically 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.


The delivery number cruncher on the UPS site is not difficult to utilize and gives a basic table for each of the rates in view of your feedback. The adding machine will inquire as to whether you need extra things, similar to COD, extra taking care of, balancing the environmental effect of the shipment. These bring extra charges. There aren't many UPS areas, in spite of the fact that there are many drop boxes and retail accomplices like Staples and PostalAnnex. Hours are every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or on the other hand later, contingent upon the area.


Ascertaining delivering is simple utilizing USPS since you simply need to enter the weight and the ZIP code you're transporting from and to in the delivery adding machine. While practically every city and town has a USPS area, ​​they may close for lunch in more modest urban communities and have restricted end of the week hours.

Retail USPS hours fluctuate, so assuming you're delivering or getting something from the mailing station, you'll probably need to take off work right on time to do as such. You might find broadened hours at retail stores like those found in Walmart or Hy-Vee. Average hours are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

FedEx versus UPS versus USPS: Customer Reviews

In a skirmish of UPS versus FedEx versus USPS for quick delivery times, it was a tie for most clients. When transporting universally, clients favor UPS in light of the fact that shipments frequently show up a whole lot earlier than anticipated. While evaluating is higher for most shipment choices through UPS and FedEx versus USPS, clients say they incline toward UPS and FedEx on account of client support issues with USPS.

Here is a breakdown of each delivery organization's client audits:

FedEx: FedEx clients talk about quick delivery and that it is so natural to follow shipments at all stages. Grievances incorporate disappointments with FedEx client assistance and conveyance times not being met. (Grievances about late and helpless conveyances were particularly various in late 2021.) Many clients have called attention to the comfort of conveyance seven days out of every week, which is assistance accessible to the vast majority of the US.

UPS: One of the advantages UPS clients notice is that UPS conveys global bundles quicker than guaranteed. Clients grumble about lost bundles, harmed products, and harm to property from conveyance trucks. Notwithstanding, clients acclaim how UPS makes a special effort to convey bundles in any event, settling on telephone decisions to the client for help finding a location.

USPS: USPS clients favor its evaluation contrasted with other delivery transporters. Nonetheless, worries about helpless retail store hours, lost bundles, and the absence of client care are predominant. A few clients likewise talk concerning how kind their own USPS transporters are, while others gripe that they are apathetic with regards to conveyance.

Primary concern

At the point when you start your retail business, you probably won't ponder delivery and satisfaction. Be that as it may, as the lines among retail and online business obscure, numerous retailers need to think about their transportation choices too. This is the place where delivery organizations become possibly the most important factor.

When contrasting FedEx versus UPS versus USPS, think about the cost and delivery speed that your private venture needs. While USPS has probably the best value, FedEx and UPS offer quicker transporting times for a greater expense. When exploring elements of UPS versus FedEx, UPS will in general convey worldwide bundles quicker than guaranteed.

Generally, USPS is normally the best all-around delivery answer for most low-volume organizations. There are no month-to-month necessities, the help is solid, and the standard retail rates are extremely serious. Notwithstanding, even lower rates and limits are accessible through administrations like, which additionally makes it simple to print delivering marks from home.

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