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The most effective method to Get Your First 10,000 Fans on Facebook (Case Study)

The 10 stages underneath exhibit a genuine illustration of how to get more than 10,000 fans on your Facebook business page.

Facebook is the ruler of interpersonal organizations with more than 2.3 billion dynamic clients each month (Updated January 2019).

It is utilized by over 60% of Internet clients worldwide and it is an incredible device for advancing an item or administration, tracking down new clients, or acquiring steadfast perusers (devotees).

To exploit this for business purposes, you want to have a ton of fans (adherents) on your Facebook business page.

How about we see underneath why having numerous Facebook fans is significant.

What is the significance of having numerous Facebook fans on your business page?

It shows prominence – It should be obvious that the quantity of fans uncovers how well-known a site is.

A Facebook business page with 100,000 supporters is more well known than a page with 1,000 fans and this prompts various different advantages.

It shows trust – If you can't comprehend the connection between Facebook fans and business trust, have as a primary concern that the US State Department burned through $630,000 to expand their Facebook Fans from 100,000 to 2 million during the years 2011-2012 (See related post from marketing and).

For what reason did they do this?

Since in this day and age a fruitful business, site, or blog needs to have a ton of Facebook fans. Five Years prior this didn't have any effect yet in the 21st century, social confirmation is significant.

More fans, more visits – The more fans you have, the more prominent is the number of individuals that will see your posts in their course of events and potentially visit your site.

While this is valid, it ought to be noticed that not every one of your fans will see your posts.

With the new changes to the Facebook calculation, just a little level of your devotees (something like 4 %) will see your announcements.

This number can shift, yet what is essential to see currently, is that assuming you have 10,000 fans and you post another update, it will be seen naturally by a maximum of 300-400 individuals.

It's great for SEO also – Although formally Google doesn't concede that online media is a positioning component, many investigations show that famous sites on Facebook are bound to perform preferably in search over not-really well-known sites (different variables being equivalent).

The most effective method to go from 0 to 10,000 Facebook fans

Since you are persuaded that having a ton of Facebook fans is significant for your site and business, how about we see bit by bit how to go from 0 to 10,000 fans.

Note: These are precisely the same advances I followed to build the Facebook devotees of my wellness blog's Facebook page. Right now the page has more than 130K fans and it is constantly developing naturally.

Stage 1: First things first – you want to have a Facebook business page

It might sound senseless for the accomplished however for novices to online media this might be a new thing: An individual Facebook page is not the same as a business page.

To have companions on Facebook to share your vacation photographs then you really want to make an individual page.

To have fans and supporters for your site or business then you really want to make a Facebook business page.

Thus, the initial step is to guarantee that you make a Facebook business page and the subsequent advance is to ensure that your page is appropriately upgraded.

Stage 2: Optimize your Facebook business page

At the point when we talk about Facebook business page streamlining we mean picking an amicable page title (username), composing an appealing portrayal (in the short depiction field), giving precise data to long portrayal, organization outline, mission (see screen capture beneath) and obviously, posting fascinating substance – this is the main advancement tip of all.

The nature of the substance posted on your Facebook business page will likewise decide achievement or disappointment.

Having an enhanced Facebook page makes it simpler to draw in new fans or more likes from advertisements as we will see underneath.

Stage 3: Take benefit of your own Facebook account

I referenced in sync 1 over that you want to have a business page and not an individual page, but rather you actually need to have a functioning individual Facebook account.

Here is the reason:

Later you post a report on your business page, one of the ways of expanding openness and preferences is to share that post on your own page too.

Individuals you have as companions on your own page are bound to 'like' and 'communicate' with the most common form of your business page and this will expand the commitment variable of your posts.

Subsequently, Facebook will show your presents to more fans (naturally).

Thus, one of the ways of expanding the number of individuals that view your posts and go past the 4% of your fan base is to share and advance the post on your own page.

It's a given that the more noteworthy the number of companions the greater will be the permeability of the post.

Likewise, ensure that you welcome all your current companions (and new ones) to like your Facebook business page. Do that each time you gain a new 'companion'.

Stage 4: Add the Facebook Like box on your site

This is again online media promoting 101 yet you really want to have the Facebook like box on your site for 3 reasons:

#1 – It's a method for partnering your site with the Facebook business page. As such, it is a way to 'tell' web crawlers that this is your authority Facebook business page.

#2 – When you get many fans, this is the kind of thing you ought to be glad for and something to show to your clients (as clarified over this implies prominence, trust, and social verification).

#3 – It's a decent method for developing your fan base naturally. Your perusers can follow your site by tapping the LIKE button without going to Facebook.

Hint: For ideal outcomes, position the LIKE box toward the top (on the sidebar).

Hint 2: You can likewise popup the like box to new clients (for instance, later they go through 60 seconds on a page, later they look down to the base or later they attempt to leave your page – while this functions admirably as far as getting new likes, you ought to be mindful so as not to make it also diverting for your clients.)

Stage 5: Follow these tips to expand post commitment

Up until this point, we have made a streamlined Facebook business page, added companions to our own Facebook page, and put the like box in an unmistakable situation on our site.

The following regular advance is to begin sharing substance to keep your fans cheerful and possibly figure out how to change over them from fans > site guests > clients.

Some basic guidelines to keep that will build the client commitment with your Facebook business page:

#1 – Share significant substance

Share content that your fans hope to see on your page.

For instance, assuming your site is about Social media, share content connected with web-based media and not with regards to sports or whatever else you may like.

To peruse sports news, they know where to track down them

#2 – Keep it business

Remember that they follow your business page to get refreshes about your site (and specialty) and not with regards to your parties.

To get social, then, at that point, use your own Facebook page, your business page is about your site.

As a guideline, I use my business page to share content from my specialty just, on the off chance that I really want to share something which isn't connected with my specialty, I use my own page.

#3 – Don't be excessively special

Sharing special substance (constantly) on your Facebook page will drive your fans away.

At the point when you have an advancement to share or something that may help your fans, you can do as such yet don't try too hard.

Attempt to post intriguing, shareable substance that is connected with your specialty, regardless of whether this comes straightforwardly from your site. Keep a harmony among limited time and content that your devotees should peruse.

Stage 6: Share intriguing and top-notch content (not simply interfaces)

I made a few tests in regards to the effect of portrayals while doing a Facebook update and discovered that Facebook posts with 'records' get a larger number of preferences than posts with simple interfaces.

Allow me to give you a guide to get what I mean.

At the point when you need to share a post from your site on Facebook, you go to Facebook notices and enter the website page URL. It looks something like this:
You can share this post without adding any extra data. Assuming your title and pictures are great, you will get various preferences relying upon the time you make the post, the number of fans, and so on

If then again, you improve your post by adding more data and especially a rundown, then, at that point, taking everything into account, you are bound to acquire likes and offers.
As far as I might be concerned, this appears to be legit because individuals that see a title and picture in their course of events 'Dislike It' since it offers no benefit to them (remember that the normal client is given many postings in their timetable each time they sign in to Facebook).

Then again, when you give them important, top caliber, and simple to understand data (like a rundown), they will tap the LIKE button since they read something helpful without leaving their timetable.

Note: It is a well-established reality that individuals have a propensity of LIKING a post without understanding it so give them motivations to do as such; your site visits may not increment yet the commitment element of your posts will rise.

Stage 7: Share pictures, recordings, and feelings

Assuming you investigate the absolute most famous Facebook pages, you will see that they will generally share pictures, recordings, infographics, outlines, and so on, alongside their standard message just postings.

This sort of content gets more likes and shares and accordingly, the page gets more fans and adherents.

In a new report by Buzzsumo, they distinguished that the most common and enjoyed content on Facebook, has the accompanying qualities:

Stage 8: Provide impetuses to get more fans and supporters

For what reason would it be advisable for someone to follow your Facebook business page?

You want to give motivators to Facebook clients to follow your page. A couple of thoughts to consider:

Quality updates

This is all that motivator you can give your clients. Before posting anything on your page, you really want to ensure that it offers some incentive to your crowd.

At the point when you do this reliably, your current devotees will impart it to their companions and this will draw in more clients.

Run a challenge

Numerous sites run challenges on Facebook and giveaway various gifts. The 'cost' for joining the substance is to LIKE the page first.

There are different instruments to do that yet have as a main priority that assuming you don't have a known brand this may not be so fruitful. Here are 20+ facebook giveaway guides to assist you with getting propelled.

Content overhauls

Assuming you have a blog, you can utilize the request that clients LIKE your page to get a refreshed form of your post.

This requires additional devices however it is something that would merit trying out.

Stage 9: You want to advance your own substance and page

At the point when you make your business page don't expect that it will mysteriously get a huge number of fans.

Other than the tips laid out above, you additionally need to advance your business page in places other than Facebook.

A couple of thoughts to consider that worked for my case:

Advance in other online media organizations

Assuming you have accounts with other web-based media channels for example Pinterest and so on you can occasionally request that your devotees go along with you on Facebook also.

Be courteous and disclose to them the advantages of doing as such.

Advance in Twitter

Other than posting about your Facebook page on other online media organizations, you can exploit twitter's intelligent highlights.

At the point when you get another Twitter devotee, send them a private (customized) message and request that they follow you on Facebook (both your own and business pages).

This strategy even though the time has come burning-through, (I did it physically and not utilizing any instruments) it can create great outcomes.

Advance in your bulletin

Assuming you have a pamphlet or on the other hand, if you speak with your perusers through email, ensure that you request that they follow your Facebook page.

Don't simply compose the FB URL beneath your mark yet ASK them affably to LIKE your business page.

Stage 10: Facebook advertisements are an absolute necessity

This is the simplest and best method for expanding your Facebook fans yet it's not free.

Facebook offers a self-administration advertisement stage that you can use to either expand your fan base (advance your page), support your posts, get more leads, increment transformations or play out various different activities (as displayed in the picture above).

The most effective way to exploit Facebook's publicizing stage is to join up with a course. These are the Best Facebook Ads Courses accessible on the web.

The system is basic and direct. Fundamentally, you select a page you own, select your objective (advance your page), select your crowd (because of nation, age, different socioeconomics, and interests), and afterward set your everyday spending plan and length.

The expense per crusade relies upon various variables. The most ideal way to evaluate assuming Facebook promotions are a decent answer for incrementing your fan base is to run a pilot crusade for two or three days.

Burn through $10-20 dollars each day and run the lobbies for a decent term (no less than seven days).

Eventually, you can choose if the expense per like is something you will pay for.

I had extraordinary outcomes with Facebook advertisements both for my sites and for customer sites and I run crusades consistently (for a couple of days) to help my Facebook likes.

It ought to be noticed that with Facebook advertisements you don't buy loves yet sees. Many individuals accept that what you pay for is Facebook loves yet as a general rule you pay Facebook to show your advertisement to more Facebook clients.

Assuming what you are publicizing is fascinating, then, at that point, more individuals will hit the like button so invest some energy and contemplate the message you need to show in your promotion just as the picture to utilize.


Having a good number of Facebook fans on your business page is vital for validity and social advancement purposes.

Assuming this wasn't significant in any case, then, at that point, no one would mind and the US State Department wouldn't need to burn through $630 thousand for Facebook crusades.

When you do the vital advancements to your business page (stages 1 and 2 above), then, at that point, the simplest method for getting more adherents is to utilize Facebook advertisements.

With somewhat of A/B testing, you can get to 10,000 fans without any more than $1,000 (spread into a time of months).

When you do everything appropriately and given that you have an incredible item or administration, you can develop your fans to 100,000+ as I did with the Facebook Page of my wellness blog.

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