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Step by step instructions to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners (Complete Guide)

Is it truly workable for an amateur to bring in cash with a blog? Would you be able to earn enough to pay the bills out of contributing to a blog or is it simply one more legend? The response to the two inquiries is 'Yes'.

Writing for a blog for cash is certifiably not a hypothetical idea however it's a reality. Anybody with some fundamental information on writing for a blog, SEO, and an overall thought on how the Internet functions can begin publishing content to a blog business and bring in cash.

How Bloggers Earn Money – A presentation for Beginners

The blog you are perusing currently is a genuine illustration of a lucrative blog.

The motivation behind this aide is to assist you with seeing how to bring in cash writing for a blog by trying not to botch or lose important time on assignments that will not add to your fundamental objective.

It is focused on novices since I recollect when I began (in 2002), I thought that it is truly challenging to see how writing for a blog can assist you with bringing in cash.

It required me various years to understand the entire picture and discover what I was fouling up and how to make something happen.

Ideally, this extensive bit-by-bit guide will place you the correct way from the earliest starting point, and give you a strong arrangement to follow that will produce brings about the quickest way.

Prior to diving into the subtleties, let me explain something from now.

It's anything but simple work, it's a precarious and tedious cycle that requires a LOT of exertion and difficult work but at the same time, it's a truly outstanding and most compensating occupation in the World.

The compensation from building a fruitful contribution to a blog business isn't just the cash however above all is the sensation of accomplishment and the fulfillment of making a business without depending on any other individual yet your own ability and qualities.

Have you at any point asked why there are such countless articles "on the most proficient method to bring in cash with a blog"?

Assuming certain individuals know the enchanted recipe, for what reason do they impart it to the World and not save it for them and create more cash?

The response is straightforward. It's the fantasy of each blogger to arrive where they are bringing in cash on the web and afterward share how to begin contributing to a blog business with the remainder of the World.

Obviously, as we will see beneath, it's one more method for bringing in cash through partner promoting or by selling your own items and benefiting from your prosperity.

Digital Marketing Bundlean internet instructional class that will train you how to bring in cash publishing content to a blog utilizing advanced promoting.

How To Make Money With a Blog?

We should rewind and take it from the start. How do most bloggers bring in cash on the web and how might you do likewise?

These are the 7 stages to follow to bring in cash contributions to a blog.

  1. Arrangement of your own self-facilitated blog
  2. Begin distributing the extraordinary substance
  3. Assemble natural traffic to your site
  4. Assemble a local area around your image
  5. Begin bringing in cash by selling promotions
  6. Bring in cash by selling your own items or administrations
  7. Makey cash through subsidiary showcasing

It seems like a basic cycle! As a matter of fact, a portion of the means are really direct yet others are precarious and you should be outfitted with the legitimate information, the right devices, and a ton of tolerance.

Stage 1: Setup your own self-facilitated blog

This is maybe the most straightforward advance. It's so natural these days to enroll a space name and set up a blog. All you really want is a touch of help and pointers the correct way.

I will not delve into every one of the subtleties on the best way to set up a blog, yet fortunately, our How to Start a Website guide (opens in another tab), has all that you really want to know.

In synopsis, it covers the accompanying points:

  • Instructions to enlist a space name
  • Instructions to pursue facilitating
  • Instructions to arrange WordPress
  • Instructions to distribute your first blog entry!

It's an extensive aide composed for fledglings to contribute to a blog and without a doubt, it will assist you with saving a great deal of time searching for this data on the web and from a ton of stress.

Missteps to stay away from when setting up your own blog

As a novice in publishing content to a blog, it's ordinary to commit errors. That is totally OK given that you gain from your missteps and not recurrent them. With regards to beginning a blog, have these tips as the main priority.

Keep your attention on your fundamental objective – bring in cash on the web.

You will likely arrive where you will begin bringing in cash from your blog, you ought not to fail to remember that.

I'm referencing this again in light of the fact that I know for a fact that a typical error fledgling put forth is investing an excess of energy and attempt in planning the 'amazing web journal', failing to remember that at the beginning phases (when there is no traffic coming in), no one thinks often about your web architecture's, and that incorporates Google.

I'm not saying that web composition isn't significant, it is, yet not at the beginning phases. Your essential objective at this progression is to have a blog running and begin making content that will get you traffic.

There is such a lot of work engaged with getting traffic (and likely clients), and you ought to commit your energy to those assignments from the earliest starting point.

You really want to have your own area and self-facilitated blog

As you will peruse in the 'start a site' Guide, there is a major contrast between facilitating your site on a free stage like and having your own space and your own self-facilitated site.

Settle on the best choice from the start and pick the right stage. By a long shot, a self-facilitated WordPress site is your most ideal decision.

Keep it straightforward

Assuming that you are beginning currently, attempt to keep everything as straightforward as could really be expected. Don't overcomplicate things since you will lose all sense of direction all the while.

You have a long way to go and as you come, you will alter your perspective on numerous things, so save your time and energy for the more convoluted assignments.

Stage 2: Start distributing the incredible substance

Thus, you have a site ready for action, which is incredible!

Presently it's an ideal opportunity to get to perhaps the most troublesome and testing task of contributing to a blog, which is no other than making the real substance for your blog.

Have this at the top of the priority list
A blog with no substance isn't anything, a blog with fair substance is simply one more blog in the large numbers of currently distributed sites, a blog with incredible substance is a lucrative business.

Having said that, it is vital to comprehend from the start the significance of content for your blog's prosperity.

Extraordinary (great, wonderful, or incredible – you pick) content, will get you traffic (we will see beneath how), validity, and make you cash (in various ways).

All in all, what is extraordinary substance?

Incredible blog content isn't really text, it tends to be pictures, recordings, infographics, or even sound. Yet, to accomplish high rankings on Google (and other web search tools), your substance ought to be basic text.

As I referenced above, toward the starting keep it basic. Later on, for the best outcomes, you can consolidate text with different structures to make your substance seriously fascinating.

The extraordinary substance has the accompanying attributes:

  • It's remarkable for your site (it's anything but precise of an all-around distributed post)
  • It's liberated from spelling and language structure botches
  • It's significant
  • It's smart
  • It's impartial
  • It's something that helps individuals do/comprehend/learn something
  • It's not difficult to peruse
Relax assuming the above list doesn't appear to be legit for the time being, as you become more experienced, you will comprehend it better.
We should perceive how you can basically make great substance for your site.

Pick a point that you appreciate perusing/exploring/composing

At the point when you begin composing content for your blog, you ought to be in a situation to give content that meets the models of good substance (as clarified previously).

On the off chance that you are not energetic with regards to the theme, this interaction will be extremely challenging and you will surrender before you even start.

A lucrative blog needs a ton of content and you really want to think of a great deal of thoughts and points to cover consistently (if not every day), so have this as a main priority while picking your specialty.

Pick a point with a good crowd

It's not to the point of being energetic with regards to a subject, others ought to be as well.

Recollect that to bring in cash from your blog, you will require individuals to purchase your items or promoters to pay cash for your advertisement space.

Assuming that your chosen subject doesn't have a fair crowd, nothing, unless there are other options, will occur.

The least demanding method for doing a starter search with respect to the capability of your specialty is to open Google and quest for phrases (watchwords), that come as a primary concern.

Search for the number of results and kinds of sites that show up in the primary pages of Google.

Try not to go excessively expansive, make it explicit

While you in all actuality do require a respectable crowd for your picked theme, don't go too expansive in light of the fact that odds are there are now a large number of sites about a similar subject.

Well-known themes have a greater crowd yet they are additionally exceptionally cutthroat. Assuming you are beginning now as an independent blogger, it would be simpler to rival different bloggers rather than online organizations that have groups of journalists and SEOs behind them.

Allow me to give you a guide to making this more clear.

Suppose that you're enthusiastic about 'wellness' and 'sound living'. Assuming you do an inquiry on Google for 'weight reduction's or 'eating fewer carbs, you will get a huge number of results, a considerable lot of them from online magazines or sites that have been set up for a really long time, stacked with great many substance pages.

It's unimaginable for another site to contend with these and get Google traffic for such expansive terms.

What you can do rather is to limit your point and pursue a particular specialty that it's actually connected with your energy however with less rivalry. A model would be "sound living guidance for youngsters".

It's a subject with a great deal of revenue, for the most part from guardians who need to figure out how to give a sound way of life to their children, and they likewise hold the cash to purchase an item (perhaps a digital book) to assist them with doing as such.

This course of discovering what to write in your blog is called catchphrase research.

Stage 3: Build natural traffic to your blog

How about we recap the cycle up until this point.

Your initial step is to enroll in your own area and set up your blog.

Your subsequent advance is to choose the subjects to cover in your blog and expert the watchword research process.

The following stage is to begin building natural traffic to your blog, and this is the thing that I will talk about in this part.

What is natural traffic?
To bring in cash from your blog, you want natural traffic and not simply traffic overall. Natural traffic is produced from web crawlers (for the most part Google).

What makes natural traffic more important than some other wellspring of traffic, is the 'client goal'.

A client that types an inquiry in Google's pursuit box, has an unmistakable purpose. The individual is either searching for a response to an inquiry, needs to learn something, track down data, or purchase an item.

Their aim is communicated through the real hunt terms they use in the inquiry question.

For instance, a client looking for "how to do an SEO review of my site", obviously he is searching for a bit by bit guide on the best way to play out an SEO review.

It is unmistakable and to be qualified to rank for that term (or related), you want to give Google a careful aide on the best way to play out a manual review.

At the point when you do this appropriately, your blog entries will ultimately rank high on Google and you will begin getting designated natural traffic to your blog.

How to get natural traffic to your blog?

Designated natural traffic is the most important wellspring of traffic for your blog since it's traffic that proselytes.

By 'convert', we mean various things:
  • Clients are bound to remain longer on your page, perusing your post
  • Are bound to prefer your bulletin
  • Are bound to enquire for your administrations
  • Are bound to purchase your items
We will cover every one of these in more detail in the last part of the post, yet for the time being, we should perceive how you can get more web search tool traffic for your blog.

You really want extraordinary substance

Despite the fact that I take care of this in sync 2 above, I'm referencing this again in light of the fact that it is critical. Assuming that your substance isn't up to Google principles, then, at that point, whatever you will peruse beneath, won't work.

You want to get your specialized SEO right

Technical SEO has to do with your blog setup and how well it is improved for web crawlers.

Your publishing content to a blog stage (particularly assuming it's WordPress), is naturally SEO amicable, yet at the same time, there are various things to check and change to make it surprisingly better.

Things like:
  • Blog structure
  • URL Structure
  • XML Sitemap enhancement
  • Utilization of Schema Markups
  • Sanctioned URLs
  • Enhancing your classification and label pages
  • Site Speed
  • Versatility and Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Website admin apparatuses SEO
Are largely vital simultaneously.

You want to get your On-Page SEO right

On-page SEO goes one stage above specialized SEO and has to do with how you can make your substance and pages more noticeable to web search tools.
While auditing your on-page SEO, you will manage things like:
  • Streamlined titles and depiction
  • Post Length
  • Utilization of pictures and video inside your substance
  • Legitimate utilization of Headings and post designing
  • Inside connecting best practices for greatest SEO

You want to deal with your Off-Page SEO

Every one of the activities portrayed such long ways for expanding your natural traffic, has to do with things you can change/streamline on your site.

One more vital part of getting additional traffic from web crawlers is off-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO is the method involved with advancing your site on the Web to expand mindfulness for your substance, items, or administrations.
All in all, you want to tell other site proprietors that you exist. The advantages of doing as such are a ton:
  • Web search tools are bound to rank higher sites that have references (joins) from different sites.
  • You will get more traffic.
  • You will secure yourself as a specialist in your specialty.
As I referenced oftentimes previously:

Great On-Page SEO can get you to the primary pages of Google while great Off-Page SEO, can get you to the top positions.

The most famous and compelling off-page SEO technique is third-party referencing.

What is external link establishment and why it is vital?

Web index positioning calculations are continually searching for ways of understanding the nature of a site.

The principle aim of an internet searcher, and specifically Google, is to keep their clients glad by giving them sites that have great substance, are not difficult to explore, and by and large, are viewed as top-caliber.

Other than the on-page SEO improvements, one more method for persuading them that your site tumbles to this classification is to have outer connections from different sites highlighting your site's pages.

Taking everything into account, the site with the most approaching connections will rank higher in the SERPS.

Third-party referencing is a muddled theme and one that amateurs contributing to a blog think that it is hard to comprehend. I know this for a fact and from the input I get from my blog perusers and customers.

What you should be familiar with third party referencing at this stage is:
  • It's anything but a question of amount yet it's generally an issue of value. This implies that there is no enchanted number on the number of connections you really want to get to accomplish high rankings yet from where these connections are coming.
  • Joins connected with your subject sites that have high Google trust are more significant than joins from article indexes or other inferior quality sites.
  • Assuming that you participate in dark cap external link establishment rehearses (for example purchasing joins, trading joins with others), you will cause problems by Google.
  • Google's algorithms will punish your site for attempting to control their calculations and subsequently, you will lose every one of your rankings.
How to expand your blog's traffic through external link establishment?

The most famous external link establishment techniques are:
  • Visitor posting on sites greater and more notable than yours
  • Connection to different sites from your substance and reach them to tell them. Assuming they observe your site helpful they might choose to give back in kind.
  • Reaching different website admins and presenting your site and content

Stage 4: Build a local area around your image

When you have a blog with incredible substance and the traffic begins to stream in, your subsequent stage is to construct a local area around your image.

A typical misstep that amateurs make is to avoid this progression and go straightforwardly to the lucrative part however this isn't the most proficient way.
Prior to making any business (transformations), you first need to acquire the client's trust and this is accomplished through local area building.

Notice that I utilized the term 'brand' and not simply blog and this is done deliberately.

At this stage, you really want to quit considering your blog a side interest however you want to alter your mentality and approach it like you would move toward a 'genuine' business.

We as a whole realize that marking is a vital part of the accomplishment of any business and your blog isn't an exemption from this standard.

There are numerous things you can do connected with marking (like having an unmistakable logo, one-of-a-kind trademark, and so forth), and local area building is one of them.

What is the local area working for a blog?

In straightforward terms, what you are attempting to do is to make a local area of individuals that will follow your blog, collaborate with your substance, and purchase your items or administrations.

The most well-known ways of doing this are through:

Email promoting

Individuals that prefer your email list (also known as pamphlets) are a significant resource for your blog. You can utilize your email rundown to illuminate your local area when new substance is free on your blog, to request their criticism, and to sell the items or administrations.

This won't occur from the very beginning, you first need to acquire their trust by offering some incentive through your messages yet toward the day's end, it's quite possibly the most productive method to make a local area around your blog.

For my situation, 20% of the month-to-month deals of my SEO courses, are created through my email list.

Online Media organizing

Certain individuals really prefer not to get messages, they like to utilize interpersonal organizations to peruse their news, speak with their companions, and for the most part invest a ton of their energy on the web.

You really want to guarantee that you have a social presence in similar channels as your expected supporters.

There are numerous online media networks accessible that you can utilize yet since you are toward the start of setting up and setting up your blog's image, it's smarter to focus on those channels that are shown to be more successful than others (with regards to building devotees), and these are Facebook and Twitter.

Start by building your fan base on Facebook and furthermore go through 10-15 minutes out of every day on Twitter.

Recollect that you will likely interface with individuals that can become possible supporters and clients of your blog and not simply with anybody that has a social presence. Do some profiling and pick your interest group shrewdly.

Web message pop-ups

This is one more method for interfacing with your local area. Individuals who register for message pop-ups are told each time another post is distributed and at whatever point you need to send them another message.

Answering to remarks

To wrap things up, you ought not to disregard blog remarking. I'm not alluding to remarks you can compose on different web journals yet to answer to remarks others post on your blog.

Assuming somebody records a remark to one of your articles, they hope to get an answer back, and overlooking them isn't great when attempting to fabricate a local area.

Check out a portion of my more seasoned posts and you will see that they have several remarks. What I do consistently is to attempt to react to every one of the remarks and help my perusers in any capacity I can.

I don't support all remarks; I just distribute remarks that appear to be legit (not spam or self-advancing) and this urges more individuals to post their remarks.

Stage 5: Start bringing in cash by selling advertisements

Did you see what number of things you really want to do to get to the lucrative part?

Albeit this blog entry is tied in with bringing in cash from your blog, nearly ¾ of the substance is connected with exercises that precede that and this is the means by which writing for a blog for cash works, in actuality.

As an update, it is important to comprehend that you won't bring in cash from your blog if:
  • You need more natural traffic
  • You don't have a fair email list
  • You don't have a local area of steadfast adherents.
  • You don't have content that believers
Expecting that you have effectively followed through with the above jobs, how about we perceive how you can bring in cash on the web and prize yourself for the difficult work.

Selling Ad Space: Google AdSense

I'm an incredible AdSense fan, I let it out! I've been an AdSense distributor for over 15 years now and in spite of the fact that there are options, Google Adsense it's as yet probably the most ideal way to bring in cash on the web.

I'm utilizing Adsense on my online journals thus far, I've procured a decent 6 figure sum.

I'm not utilizing Adsense on this blog on the grounds that as you will peruse underneath, there are situations where AdSense isn't the most ideal way to adapt your blog.

A couple of things you should be aware of bringing in cash with AdSense:

Simple and solid

Adsense is exceptionally simple to utilize and dependable. All you really want is a blog with incredible substance and bunches of traffic.

You add AdSense to your blog and when individuals click on one of your promotions you get the 68% of the cash paid by the sponsor (the excess 32% goes to Google for demonstrating this assistance).

It's solid since you realize that Google will pay you on schedule and will do anything they can to shield the framework from extortion and spam.

You can pick what kind of advertisements to show, how frequently to show them, how the promotions will look, and numerous different things.

How much cash would you be able to make from AdSense?

How much cash you can make from Adsense relies upon three things:
  • Your natural traffic levels
  • Arrangement of your advertisements
  • The number of accessible sponsors for your specialty.
  • Allow us rapidly to analyze these variables:
Clearly, the more traffic you have, the more cash you can make from Adsense. That's all there is to it.

To bring in cash from Adsense, you want individuals to tap on your promotions and the place of your advertisements on the page is a vital variable.

Albeit the most effective way is to test diverse promotion positions and discover which situations turn out better for you when you put Adsense in your primary substance (rather than the sidebar and footer), you can anticipate higher navigate rates (CTR) and this implies more income.

Promotions that are toward the top additionally perform better.

Here is an illustration of Adsense promotions inside the substance of a blog entry.
Adsense is a keyword-based sale type framework. At the point when a client is looking on Google and afterward visits a site that has AdSense promotions, it will attempt to show to the client advertisements that are applicable to the inquiry question.

In the event that there is a ton of contests for example many related promotions, then, at that point, this builds the cash the promoter will pay and the cash you will acquire.

Would you be able to promote your blog or items through AdSense?

Indeed, you can through Google Adwords. AdWords is the framework utilized by sponsors to run promotions that are shown on Google search and Adsense sites.

Have as a main priority however that you can't utilize Adwords and drive PPC traffic to a point of arrival that has Adsense on it. Previously, this was a strategy that made certain individuals a large chunk of change however not any longer.

When is it best TO utilize Adsense?
  • Use AdSense on sites that cover a ton of points (news entryways, magazines, papers, discussions, and so on)
  • Use Adsense on sites in the sound living specialty (wellness sites, weight reduction, and so forth)
  • Use AdSense on sites that have loads of site visits.
When is it best NOT to utilize Adsense?
  • Try not to utilize Adsense when you can make and sell your own items or administrations.
  • Try not to utilize Adsense when you can bring in cash through subsidiary showcasing.

Stage 6: Make cash by selling your own items or administrations

I referenced over that I don't utilize AdSense on this blog. The explanation is basic. The reason for this blog isn't to bring in cash from publicizing however it's the channel I use to advance my SEO Courses and Digital advertising administrations.

Consider it thusly: When you sell promotion space on your blog what occurs? You just get a part of the cash since 30% goes to the center man (promoting organization) and the promoter is creating a gain from your substance and difficult work.

To limit the cash misfortune, you ought to consider making and selling your own items or administrations.

Obviously, this isn't quite so natural as it sounds. It requires a ton of exertion and difficult work to make items that others will actually want to pay cash for it BUT it's the most effective way to fabricate a durable web-based business.

Having your own items will amplify your benefit and you realize that each work you make to get more traffic will make you more deals.

The most straightforward sort of items to make and sell online through your blog are digital books and online courses.

Prior to investing any energy and potentially cash to make your own item, you ought to do some schoolwork.

To be more explicit, you really want to respond to these 4 inquiries:
  1. What kind of item to make?
  2. Who might possibly purchase your item?
  3. The amount to sell it?
  4. How to test your item thought before really making the item?
To address the initial three inquiries, you want to do your exploration and discover what is as of now accessible on the lookout, who sells it, and the amount they sell it.

Be that as it may, regardless of whether you have this information accessible, still the most significant is to know whether your thought for an item will sell before you really make the item, and this is the thing that I will clarify beneath.

At the point when I considered selling a web-based course through my blog, I didn't know whether this is something my perusers (and local area), will actually want to buy. All things considered, there are many SEO assets that are accessible for Free.

In this way, what I did to test my thought was the accompanying:

  • I made a business page for my course (that is like the one you see now).
  • I added standards (source of inspiration boxes), in my articles and sidebar to divert traffic to that page.
  • At the point when somebody tapped on the BUY NOW button, they were diverted to the checkout page yet when they attempted to finish the buy, they received a message that the item isn't yet accessible.
I realize that this isn't the most ideal client experience yet it assisted me with addressing a great deal of inquiries and gave me the energy and ability to make the course.

I run the above test for a considerable length of time and eventually, I knew:

  • The number of individuals who tapped the CTA boxes (I tried various messages and observed the one that was changing over better)
  • The number of individuals who visited the business page
  • The number of individuals who tapped the Add to Cart Buttons
  • The number of individuals showed an expectation to finish the buy by visiting the checkout page and tapping the purchase presently button
I likewise knew their nation of beginning, the gadget they were utilizing, and numerous different subtleties.

Subsequent to breaking down all the data, I concluded that a digital book about SEO is something that my perusers need and will purchase.

Thus, I halted the test and made the real item. It was anything but a simple assignment; it took me around a half year to make the primary rendition of the course however eventually, I was extremely glad that I did.

The real marketing projections were surprisingly better than the test and since last year, the course deals create a pleasant month-to-month income.

The reality is this: Make your examination, track down a thought and test it. Assuming that the test is fruitful, continue to the execution, if not start the cycle once more.

Stage 7: Make cash through affiliate marketing

To wrap things up, one more method for bringing in cash from your blog is by selling others' items (advanced or physical) for a commission.

This is by and large known as affiliate marketing. Here is an outline of the cycle.
  • You observe which items you need to advance
  • You try out their partner promoting system and you get a special connection and standards to utilize
  • You add the connections/pennants in your blog
  • At the point when somebody taps on the connections, they are diverted to the site of the supplier
  • At the point when they make a buy, you get the concurred commission
It sounds great, correct?

All things considered, isn't quite so natural as it sounds. You actually need to track down the right items to advance you actually need to test on the off chance that your perusers and local area will pay cash to purchase the items you will recommend.

A few things to know prior to getting into partner showcasing:
  • Try not to advance items or administrations you don't' and use. You would rather not lose your client's trust. Just advance items that you know from individual experience that will help your perusers.
  • Google would rather avoid sites or site pages where their only object is to bring in cash from partner joins. Your site ought to offer genuine benefit to the client, without being excessively limited time.
  • Try not to try too hard. It's alright to propose items in your blog's substance however not constantly. Great subsidiary advertisers don't advance items constantly. They initially offer some incentive to their perusers and afterward propose items.
  • In the event that you are on WordPress, read this aide on the most proficient method to deal with your associate connections (the white cap way).
To discover more with regards to partner advertising, read Pat Flynn's blog, he is one of the best member advertisers on the Internet today.


Publishing content to a blog for cash is definitely not a hypothetical idea. A large number of bloggers are bringing in cash through their websites either by selling advertisement space, their own items/administrations or through subsidiary promoting.

This multitude of effective bloggers share a few things practically speaking:

  • They are having sites with incredible substance.
  • They have figured out how to assemble networks around their online journals.
  • They utilize more than one method for bringing in cash. They have their own items however they additionally bring in cash from associate showcasing and selling promotion space.
  • They have been publishing content to a blog for quite a long time and it required them various years to come to the heart of the matter of earning enough to pay the rent from their online journals.
On the off chance that you have come to this point, I will release you with this:

Everybody can figure out how to bring in cash writing for a blog. How much cash you will make relies upon how much work you will distribute to get it going.

It's anything but simple work and not something will create brings about a couple of months or even a long time, it will set aside time and it needs a LOT of persistence. However, as I referenced above, when it happens it's probably the best occupation in the World!

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